User Guide

1. Setting things up

Click on the settings icon in the tab bar located at the bottom of the screen. You need to initialize the following fields:

  • Host IP: enter the IP address of the device to which BreakOSC! should send its OSC messages.
  • Port: enter the port number that the device is listening to for OSC messages.
  • Number of balls: cannot be zero.

That's it for settings. We'll talk about Level Sequence in a little bit.

2. Changing OSC default messages

If you click on the OSC icon in the tab bar located at the bottom of the screen, you'll see a list of game events for which BreakOSC! will send OSC messages. Click on one of these events to modify the message. You'll be presented with a list of message properties for that event, for example:

Bricks: Red
Message for x value: /BreakOSC/RedBrick/X
Minimum value for x: 0
Maximum value for x: 1

Message for y value:

Minimum value for y: 0
Maximum value for y: 1

Click on any value you wish to change.

3. Editing and creating levels

Click on the Level Designer icon. You'll see a list of your currently available levels. If you select one of them, it will be opened for editing. You can select a drawing colour by clicking on a colour button at the bottom of the screen (the white coloured button is you eraser).

When you're done, you might want to change your level name before clicking save. This way, you'll keep a copy of the old design.

To remove a level, swipe your finger across it (left to right). A delete button will appear. Pressing it will remove the level from BreakOSC!

To add a new level, click on the + button. An empty editor window will open and you can begin drawing your level. Make sure to change the automatically generated name before clicking save.

4. Adding your level to the game

Once you've created some levels, return to the settings tab and click on Level Sequence. When you start the game, BreakOSC! will go through this list of levels starting from the top and will continue to the end (unless you run out of balls). To add a level to the sequence, click the + button and select a level from the list that will appear. To change a level in the sequence, click on the name of the level you wish to change and select its replacement from the list that will appear. You can repeat a level as many times as you want in the level sequence.

NOTE: You must have at least one level in the level sequence in order to use BreakOSC!

5. Playing

Once all the settings are tweaked, click on the PLAY button on the settings tab. Enjoy the game and make some noise!